Buy premium domain names.


We register and host cool domain brand name and sell them directly to the public. You can either purchase the domain brand directly from us on our listed price, or to make an offer for the domain that we might consider.

Once we have agreed on a price, simply register and process payment through our ecommerce portal. Currently we offer PayPal and Payfast options that include all major payment methods, such as VISA, Mastercard and EFT payments.

The domain transfer process will be initiated once payment appears on the bank statement, which is usually by the next business day, depending on the type of payment and institution selected.

Simply source your own hosting company, process the domain transfer request and the transfer request is accepted that is normally within 24hours for domains and might take up to 7 days for .com domains. We are however able to point domain names to any hosting company during the transfer process if requested until the transfer was completed.

The client is then free to use the domain for a website or emails, or even just to resell it.