Buy premium domain names.

Pricing Guideline

Below is an average pricing guideline that we compiled through our experience to determine the domains value.

The following factors will also affect the price and success of the domain:

  1. Age of the domain?
  2. Previously listed on popular search engines?
  3. Currently been listed in search engines?
  4. Been used for spamming or blacklisted?
  5. The length of the domain? (Less is better.)
  6. Popular terms or words used?
  7. Trade names registered with CIPC?

The table below is based on domains only.

Less than 1 year.100%100%75%75%
More than 1 year.100%+100%+100%100%
2 to 4 digits.250%+250%+150%150%
5 to 6 digits.150%+150%+100%100%
7 to 10 digits.100%100%50%75%
11 to 14 digits.75%-75%-25%-50%-
Above 14 digits.35%-35%-25%-50%-
Brand registered.300%+300%+200%+200%+