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Domain Theft – What you need to know

Domain theft or domain hijacking as it’s commonly referred to is the act of changing the registration of a domain name without the permission of its original registrant. Unfortunately, this is a reality within the domain world causing headaches for all involved. But educating yourself about this ahead of time can prepare you to take steps to better avoid the situations altogether or know what to expect should these unfortunate incidents occur.

Every service provider handles domain theft differently so having the knowledge of how your preferred Domain marketplace and Registrar provider combat these situations is beneficial. Understanding the ins and outs can feel overwhelming but trusted partners have experience in dealing with incidents of theft and can usually resolve them quicker than you would think.

Here some basic steps to ensure the safety of your domains:

  1. Verify that the email listed in the domain’s contact information is valid and frequently monitored so that you’ll receive all communications about the domain’s status.
  2. Make sure that your domain doesn’t transfer from your chosen registrar without your knowledge. You can keep your domain locked and change the password once every few months on your registrar account.
  3. Be aware of the most common scams related to domains such as phishing scams, in which a domain owner may receive an email with a link in it telling the person to follow the link to their registrar and login. It’s always a best practice to type in a web address yourself in a browser window rather than clicking on links in emails like this.